Story of Khrisna Group

Khrisna Group came into existence when the founder, Mahendra, took a changed and believed in his abilities and business instuition to start a small dying company with only five employees and initial capital of IDR 300,000 (around US$ 25). This was his saving from having sold his motorbike after dropping out of his university studies in the eighties. The immediate success of clean and high quality fabrics soon caused Mahendra to consider setting up garment manufacturing company in 1985. The dying company, PT Khrisna Indotekstil were then closed due to environmental considerations.

After a decade in the garment industry, Khrisna Group decided to expand and diversify its business portfolio in the area of logistics, trading, fishing and advertising. Five companies were established during the nineties. The fishing company, PT Khrisna Basama, had sadly to be shut down due the unsustainable business growth.

From 2000 to date, five newly diversified companies involving in application service, money changer, warehousing and general sales agent were established.

Khrisna Group currently manages 10 wholly-owned subsidiaries and employs around 500 employees with offices in several key cities in Indonesia.

With a growth of 31% in 2008, Khrisna Group is confident to double its revenue in this prosperous year of 2009.

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